Interview Week 2 - April

I am a member of Bullet Journal Junkies on Facebook and I reached out to the members to ask for volunteers to share their Journaling experiences and I have to say what fabulous people.  People went above and beyond to help me out and I have to say I am so very grateful.  So for the next few weeks we have some great interviews coming up with some more Bullet Journalers.  This week is April, from USA.  April is one busy lady, she is a stay at home mom (3&6 year old boys), Etsy shop owner, and sit on Board of Directors for an art village, and her husband owns his own business.  She praises Bujo'in for helping her keep track of everything.  A massive thank you to April for taking time out of her day to help me.  So lets get stuck in.

April's Weekly Bullet Journal Spread

So how and when did you discover journaling and what type of journaling do you do?

Hey there. I am an artistic person with major type A organizational tendencies. Over the years I have used a Franklin Covey planner and my iCalendar on Apple (still use that as our family master calendar- and just go over it when I go over my future planning calendars). I am a major list maker and had a notebook of master lists and had a tablet I kept on the counter that was basically an ever changing "to do" and appointment list that I would write out the night before and make notes on during the next day.  My mom suggested I start saving these as a record of how busy life with 2 small kids is and that I might like to look back on them one day.  I came across the bullet journal concept almost 6 months ago.  I think I clicked through from an article on Facebook or saw it on Pinterest- can't remember. But as soon as I saw Ryder's original video I loved the concept cause I was basically doing those things anyway- now I would combine it into one thing! I will send you a video of my first journal I am just finishing- took me 4 months to fill (the first month I BuJo'd I was using a scrap notebook just to see if I liked the concept).  Mine is not too elaborate and very messy- but there are days or weeks that are prettier for sure! 

April's Daily Bullet Journal Spread

What do you think are the benefits/positives to journaling?

I like the fact that it holds me accountable... since I am not throwing that "to do" list away every night as I rewrite it- I am more motivated to cross things off!! And boy have I!! In the last 5 months I have gotten a lot of things taken care of that I hadn't bothered with before. It is also a great way to up your daily habits- I will take my vitamin just so I can tick off that box!

April's Daily Bullet Journal Spread

Do you have a certain style or any particular favourite stationery items you like to use?

I have tons of scrapbooking and art supplies and yet I rarely use them for my bujo- I like people's pretty spreads but right now I don't have time to do that! One day soon even- when kids go back to school maybe?! I do LOVE the L1917 but when I do stamp in it it bleeds- I haven't taken the time to research different stamp pads- just using ones I had. So I stopped stamping but did like the look of it. It's the size that's important- It fits in my purse and I use it all the time!

Would you recommend Journaling to others and why?

Yes, I see some positive benefits are the personal reflection and brain dump ability- things you wouldn't make time for until you started journaling.  It as helped for sure with anxiety!  It's also nice to have a daily record and one day I will be glad I did it- even if it's messy and illegible on some days.

Great stuff there from April.  Thank you again.  If you would like to feature on a weekly interview please feel free to drop me a line at 

See you next week. 


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