Interviews - Week 3 - Rose

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing great.  We had a good week at Journal Boutique this week, we got our Starter kits up online and someone bought one within a day.  It was delivered today so fingers crossed she loves all her goodies :-)  

This week we interviewed Rose, a newbie to Bullet Journaling but already in the first two weeks she has seen a positive result.  

So how and when did you discover journaling and what type of journaling do you do?
It was only about two weeks ago that I discovered bullet journaling. I was on Pinterest and was looking at different types of planners to get ready for the new school year. What I saw on Pinterest intrigued me so I searched for more pins and also YouTube videos about bujos. I quickly realized that this would be something that I would enjoy.

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How has journaling affected your life?
In just the short time I have been using my bullet journal, I have noticed that this type of journal has helped me stay more organized and be more confident in my ability to keep up with everything. I can sometimes have anxiety about everything I have to do in my life and I worry about keeping up with it all, or forgetting something. I would get so overwhelmed and have dozens of lists at home, at work, all trying to keep up with what I needed to get done. Having a place to keep all of my lists together, and a system for organizing them and getting things accomplished has really helped me not to feel quite so anxious and overwhelmed. Being able to "check" something off my list always makes me feel better.

Is there a specific reason why you are journaling?
To help me stay on top of everything I have to do at work and at home.

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What do you think are the benefits/positives to journaling?
I like the flexibility that bullet journals give me. I love that I can change my layouts from one week to the next to fit my needs. I also love that I can be creative in my journal. Not everything has to be about work.

Would you recommend journaling to others?

If someone is thinking about starting a journal but is not sure where to start or if they should bother would you have any advice to offer them?
Do some research online before you get into buying lots of things. Try some practice pages in a cheap notebook first to see how you like it and if you'll keep up with it.

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Are you a member of any journaling groups?
I am part of the Bullet Journal Junkies on Facebook

Do you think this is important or you see journaling as a personal/private pursuit?
I think it just depends on the person and what type of stuff you are putting in your journal. I enjoy sharing layouts with others and seeing their ideas.

Where do you look for journaling inspiration?
Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook groups.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Rose for sharing her Bullet Journaling experience with us, she has only been doing it for a short while but already she sounds like a pro. 

Catch you all later x

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