My Favourite Bullet Journal Supplies and Wishlist

Over the last 12 months since I started Bullet Journaling I’ve done plenty of research into the best products to use, and also see lots of recommendations on Bujo fan pages too.  Here is my ultimate guide to the best Bullet Journal products:

Ultimate Bullet Journaling notebooks:

I started off bullet journaling in a bog standard lined J Burrows notebook I found in Officeworks.  Although it did the job to start with it never felt special.  I never felt lucky to have such a great notebook or to really hold it and rub the leather cover, or feel proud to carrying in around.  So after a few weeks and plenty of research I decided I had to HAVE a Leuchtturm1917 notebook.  I was not disappointed it just looked and felt great.  The paper quality is excellent.  I decorated it with a couple of stickers and kept it quite minimalist.  I then started a new job so treated myself to a nunna notebook – the rose gold and grey banana leave design.  This notebook has a quality leather cover and is dotgrid, smaller spaced dots than the Leuchtturm1917 – both are excellent.  To see more designs or to buy please click here.   

What pens to use in your Bullet Journal?

Fineliners – I prefer Stabilo Point 88’s over Stradlers I just feel there colour is more vibrant.  

Fountain Pens - I also often write in a Jinhao fountain pens – I use 3 different ones – Black Glittery, Yellow and Rose Gold.  I LOVE the black gliterry one but I am a really heavy handed writer so I find the nib a bit thick.  The rose gold is my favourite.

What other decorations do I use in my Bujo?

Washi Tape - I love how washi tape can add interest and colour in your Bujo.  I have quite a few options in my online store here. 

Stamps - I love stamps.  For some reason they take me back to my childhood and I love how often they are slightly imperfect, adds some character to my Bujo. I sell a couple here. 

Stickers - My son adores stickers.  They defo are a godsend for people like me who cannot draw!  

Here are products I really want to try but have not had chance to yet:

Tombow Markers - Such great colours.  If only I could draw or write remotely attractive, I'm sure these would be a great asset. 

Zebra Mildliners - I've been close to buying these so many times.  Colours are fab and reviews from other Bujo fans are VERY positive! 

Watercolour pens - See some Bullet Journallers do fab things with watercolours

Calligraphy pens - I had a calligraphy set when I was a kid and I've wanted to get another for ages now. The one in this link is reasonably priced and might be on my christmas list this year! 

Kaweco fountain pens - I love the retro look of these fountains pens and desperate to buy a mint fine nibbed one.

I have not really seen any other notebooks I REALLY want to try.

Please comment below with your recommendations, what you currently use and your wish list.  I’d love to grow my Bujo collection ;-)  


*Some links in my blog are affiliate links which means I receive a small commission if you purchase a product using my links.  This in no way affects the price you pay but contributes to my dream of blogging full-time – thank you for your support. 

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