What is Bullet Journaling? Everything you need to know

Do you often feel overwhelmed, or you just don't know if you are coming or going?  I think these days we are all so busy juggling work, family, side hustles etc.  Anything to help you stay organised is a bonus.  So when I came across Bullet Journaling I thought if this is going to help me stay sane then lets give it a go.  What I love about Bullet Journaling is the mixture of organisation with creativity.  So what is Bullet Journaling...

A Bullet Journal is a journaling system created by a designer from New York, named Ryder Carroll.  You can watch Ryder's video below or read more about Ryder's story here.  A Bullet Journal is a customisable and forgiving organizational system that can be a simple to-do list, a notebook, a diary or even all of those tools in one.

The major goal of a bullet journal is to track the past, organize the present, and plan the future.  With a bullet journal, you can track and plan anything that goes on your mind and organize it in an easy and coherent way.  There are people who do this in a very minimalist way, like Ryder shows in his video, or there are people who do this in a very creative way using doodles, washi tapes, stamps, stickers, fineliners etc.   

You can watch Ryder Carrolls video instructions here:

In bullet journals, you simply write small notes, not long sentences. This makes the process of adding and organizing new ideas a smoother one. Even when you’re dealing with a complex task or idea, you’re supposed to simply add a small note about it, and that note will be much easier to manage, to add to a to-do list, and to execute.  Everyone seems to adapt Bullet Journaling in their own way, whatever works for you.  You normally have daily, weekly and monthly spreads aswell as collections which can be anything you want to make a note of.  

Why should you start bullet journaling?

If you’re busy, you probably have plenty of notebooks, sticky notes, and even digital notes. You keep writing down some tasks and ideas on so many places that it gets hard to track it all or to implement some of those ideas.

You might have tried different systems including some digital ones, but at the end, you found out there are always some limitations. You need flexibility in order to have all your ideas and tasks organized in the same format.

And while we live in a digital age where most of us have smartphones, computers and all sort of online services, few tools can really help you organize your ideas and plans as a nice pen and a piece of paper.

When you’re hand writing your ideas, there are no distractions, no email or social notification getting in the way. It’s just you and your thoughts, and that’s why many people find out nothing can replace a pen and a notebook.

If you love to write down your tasks on a piece of paper and enjoy that simple pleasure of crossing each task you completed, a bullet journal might be the perfect system to organize all your tasks and ideas.  And if you’re looking for a way to become more organized and productive while avoiding the online distractions, nothing can really beat a good system like bullet journaling. 

How to start a Bullet Journal

To get started with Bullet Journaling you do not need much, just any notebook and a pen - that is it.  A lot of people get a bit more creative than this and experiment with fineliners, washi tape, stickers and stamps - it is GREAT fun!  If you are looking for a starter kit which contains everything you need to get starter then you can browse our selection of bundles here.  The most popular notebooks to use are Leuchtturm1917 or Moleskines (Leuchtturm1917s can be found here), and a lot of people recommend Dotted versions as it adapts itself well for doodling, lists and anything else you need.

The main core components of a Bullet Journal are the pages are numbered, you create an Index, a key/bullet page, future log, monthly log, daily log and collections.  Bullets are split into three categories Tasks, Events and Notes.  Follow this link for Ryder's instructions here or if you want a run through of someone using coloured pens, stickers and washi tape etc you can watch this video by Studyign.

Also for some more inspiration and other starting guides here are some really useful Bullet Journaling resources:

www.bulletjournal.com - Official website

Boho Berry is perhaps the most widely followed Bullet Journaler and some fantastic content on her website and social media accounts.  Check out this great starting guide here.

The Lazy Genius Collective also has a great starter guide on their site, check that out here.

Tiny Ray of Sunshine is a great blog you can read for Bullet Journaling, check it out here.

Also you may find it useful joining the Bullet Journal Junkies facebook group. 

You can buy an official Bullet Journal notebook here.

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